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Why did He really leave?, Was I too Much?

You thought he was the one, the one your going to spend the rest of your life with, the one your going to introduce to your family, the one you going to share your world with, But suddenly he just left, like you never mattered. With all the time you invested and sacrifices you made . You were the perfect woman and he will never find any other like you..... with all these thoughts running in your brain, tears running down your face , Sad and broken.

Why do men leave a good woman?

Rachel was in love, they met with Andrew in the summer, tall guy, responsible and young. looks like this is what Rachel was looking for. Spent the all summer visiting each other, they lived in different cities. She always spoilt him with gifts and so he did. She introduced him to her friends and some family members. He was always gentle and kind to her. Always made time for her, she was his priority.

But then, just when she decided she'd fallen for him...poof. He withdrew.

was he pretending that whole time? Did I do something wrong?

Why do men do that?, Why do men shut women out?

Find out why men do that and why men shutdown women.




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